Surge in holiday home rentals continues

Over 1,500 new holiday homes were added to in February 2009 with around 20% of those new villas and apartments being located in Spain according to a report for holiday home rental The increase in the number of homes advertise

Renting your holiday property

When advertising your holiday home, make it stand out from the crowd. It is worth remembering that, in 2009 there are many more properties on the rental market than ever before. Due to the credit crisis we are all sick of hearing about by now, peopl

Holiday Home Rental Tips for Owners

More holiday home rental tips for owners of a holiday home : Prioritise getting the high-value weeks booked, and be prepared to do deals. In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a recession on, which means people will have less money to spend on ho

Advice for British expats in Alicante

Over 1 million Britons have bought a house in Spain over the last decade Some are not prepared for when the "dream turns sour" according to a report in yesterday's Telegraph. To remedy this British citizens that have gone the whole hog and moved to

Tips on Buying a Home Overseas

How to choose a holiday home Inspired by this article about Property Investor James Caan from the Dragons Den I have set about with my own advice for anyone looking into buying an overseas home. In the article I link to above James Caan talks abou

Surge in holiday rentals

Rentals increase out of necessity Interesting article from the New York Times about the holiday home rental market in Europe. “Basically it was something we had to do” to cover the mortgage, says Mrs. Pearson who bought and renovated a hous

Jet to Let Books

3 Best books on subject of property purchase overseas. I've been asked a few times since I started this blog, if I can reccomend any books on holiday home rentals or holiday home investment generally. Below are the 3 books that I rate highest from t

Obama uses a holiday home rental

Obama and family rent out holiday home. Before taking on an almighty challenge of one of the most important and influential jobs in the world the new president of the USA, Barrack Obama took his Christmas holiday in Hawaii, where he grew up. Inste

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