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Villa Rentals In The Algarve

The Algarve is an area in Portugal which first became a popular tourist destination in the 1960’s. This part of the country has unspoilt beaches, stunning views and experiences the wonderful Mediterranean climate with over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year. This area of Portugal also boasts of friendly people and good quality fresh food which is relatively cheap. The Algarve has some beautiful locations ranging from beach side properties to rural retreats. There are a host of reasons why this is such a popular place for families. Flight time from the UK is just two hours and may people return every year to enjoy the hospitality of this spectacular holiday destination.

Choosing the right location for your holiday is a priority before you make a firm booking and the types of properties on offer range from the luxurious to the more affordable compact holiday villa. If you are looking for somewhere remote, be sure to check that there is at least a small supermarket nearby or you could spend some of your precious holiday hours driving to the nearest large town to stock up with supplies. In addition, it can be cheaper to rent somewhere close to amenities instead of paying for expensive car hire.

Most villas come fully equipped with everything that is needed to make a holiday complete. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you check the inventory thoroughly especially if facilities like satellite TV are important to you and your family. Villas will also be advertised as suitable for a certain number of people. Make sure that there are sufficient bedrooms for your needs or someone could end up sleeping on a couch in the lounge. Of course, this will make it a cheaper holiday so, if you have youngsters who love camping out, you can choose a property with less bedrooms.

Making a list of the most important features that you need from a villa can be part of your holiday planning and it can be great fun. If you definitely want a swimming pool or cleaning service these facilities will make the price of the holiday more expensive. But, if you are sharing with another family it could turn out to be very cost effective. Bear in mind that the price of the rental is dictated by the time of year that you take your holiday. If you can go in the low seasons (March to May or September) the cost will be greatly reduced. Finding a villa to rent for your holiday is very simple. You can look online or visit a reputable travel agent for a list of suitable options.

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