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Villa Holidays On The Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol means ‘Coast of the Sun’ and this is exactly what this region in Spain is known for, the sun. The original area was a series of fishing villages which have now been encompassed by a swathe of hotels and holiday resorts. In the 1970’s the area was famous for cheap package holidays and there is still a certain amount of that on offer. However, in recent times, there has been a trend for families to arrange their own package holidays and many people now book their flights and accommodation separately. This can prove expensive but there are some guidelines that can be followed that will help you save money when booking a villa in this area.

Booking a break out of the peak holiday season is the best recommendation that will save you a lot of money. Flights are always cheaper out of school holiday times and rentals for villas can be up to 50% cheaper as well. There are many low cost airlines which fly to this part of Spain so you can also consider flying with one of these and taking just hand luggage. The climate in Spain is good for much of the year so taking your holiday out of the hottest months of July and August does not mean you will miss the sun. May and September are the best months for good weather and low rentals.

Villas booked privately through the owners can be cheaper than those booked through agencies. In addition, there are often last minute deals to be had so if you can leave your booking until you are almost ready to go there may be a late bargain to be found. There are villas in all areas of the Costa del Sol so be prepared to look at different villages and towns. Most villas will have a swimming pool so you do not need to be right on top of the sea and inland villages are often cheaper than coastal resorts.

Check carefully what is on offer for amenities in the villa. If you really want satellite TV and a pool, take the time to get the facilities right so that you get full enjoyment out of your break. The freedom that villa holiday offers can be superior to staying in hotels which are often restrictive about meal times. Lazing around your own private pool is often the best way to relax and make the most of a break from work. By following a few tips you can get the most out of a holiday villa in the Costa del Sol and save some money too.

Fast Facts

  • Main resorts: Fuengirola, Marbella, Torremolinos and Benalmadena
  • Fly to: Malaga (AGP)
  • Currency: Euro

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