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Things left behind in holiday homes

Flip Flops in the fridge, an entire room filled with pink balloons and and a twenty four inch machete are just a few of the belongings left in holiday home rental properties by punters guests according to a survey amongst members.

Holiday Home Owners and agents : I’m interested to know – What’s the strangest, best, or most annoying items that have been left in your property by your guests?. Please leave a comment.

Here’s a list of  the most weird and wonderful items left behind in holiday letting villas and apartments :

  • Two foot long machete
  • Hormone replacement instruction leaflet
  • An expensive camera
  • Dead snake
  • A “She-Wee”
  • A fridge full of food
  • A bible in the bedside table and religious leaflets stuffed in all the books and furniture
  • A book left by an American guest titled ‘Weird England’
  • A crucifix
  • Mountain bike
  • Flip flops in the fridge
  • A room filled with pink balloons
  • 50 euro tip
  • The bride’s wedding dress!
  • A leather thong
  • An air-conditioning unit
  • A set of rubber ducks
  • Box of chocolates
  • False teeth
  • A diamond
  • Cash
  • Four pairs of curtains
  • 3 bottles of Champagne
  • A pair of wet swimming trucks with sand found under the pillow they were sleeping on
  • A real live tortoise (he now lives on the roof)
  • Fluffy handcuffs
  • An Internet router
  • Talking gingerbread man
  • A message and a tip in a bottle
  • Painted stones

Spare a thought for the hoteliers too – budget hotel chain Travelodge reckons to find around 80 artificial limbs a year in it’s hotels and other items reportedly left behind in hotels have included a six foot stuffed crocodile, an inflatable sheep and how about this for guest from hell ? One hotel has reported that a guest left behind a wok. Doesn’t sound too bad until you hear that the wok was moulded to the toilet and the toilet was filled with charcoal!

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