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Renting your holiday property

When advertising your holiday home, make it stand out from the crowd. It is worth remembering that, in 2009 there are many more properties on the rental market than ever before. Due to the credit crisis we are all sick of hearing about by now, people are renting their second homes out of necessity.


Advertising Online
To start with, type in typical search words into a search engine that relate to your property such as the resort name and the type of property. An example search might be “rent apartment benalmadena”. Now look at which websites come up in the results, if any are holiday home rental websites then they should be on your shortlist to advertise with.

Use these links to research the prices your “competitors” are charging and note down any thing that might put people off renting from the existing advertisers and have a think if you have the solution to the problem. You need to sell your property to a viewer so talk up the good points and make it personal. Write how much you love the local area, how eating breakfast on the sunny terrace is a great way to start the day. That sort of thing will get you the enquiries.

There are many free holiday home rental websites now but in my experience of renting out both my own holiday apartment and a portfolio of villas for an overseas property investment company it is simply not worth the hassle of setting up an entry, and keeping an availability calendar up to date for the few or none enquiries it brings. Choose one leading paid directory such as or and put the time into making a good advert that stands out from the crowd.

There’s loads more tips on how to rent out your holiday home on this website. Feel free to leave a comment with your own tips or suggestions.

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