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Renting A Villa In Tuscany

Tuscany is situated in central Italy and the capital of the region is the city of Florence. The area has a long tradition of historic buildings, beautiful landscapes and museums full of Renaissance art. Tuscany has many thousands of visitors each year and many of these tourists stay in hotels. However, there are other options available, such as renting a villa, and this accommodation may suit a family or a group of friends. Tuscany has many villas for rent and this can make accommodation costs much cheaper. Staying in a villa with friends and family is fun, private and usually the rooms are superior to those in hotels. In addition, you can choose a villa that is located near to the heart of the action and save on expensive car hire costs.

The region of Tuscany has distinct features and there are seven areas of the region that are designated World Heritage Sites. The area also has 120 protected nature reserves and is surrounded by hills and mountains. This region also has the most amount of art in Italy with monuments, cathedrals, churches and museums at every turn. So, why rent a villa in Tuscany?

There are many benefits to renting a villa for your holiday. First and foremost you will save money and have a degree of privacy that you can never get in a hotel. Many people prefer to cook their own food when on holiday and this can not only save money but prevents any problems for those on special diets. Villas are often closer to the attractions that are on offer making trips an easier option. Many people prefer a home from home and this is what you get when you rent a villa. Meal times can be taken exactly when you want and you can still catch up with TV programmes if you want.

Tuscany is the perfect place for people who love to walk or cycle around the hill paths and you can arrange to rent a bicycle when you rent your villa. There are villas available on the coast for those who love the sea and beaches and plenty of opportunities to stay near to the many cultural sites that this region has to offer. Renting a villa is usually done on a weekly basis but if you plan to stay for a longer period, you may be able to secure a discount. Large groups often find that sharing the cost of a villa can save them a considerable amount of holiday expenses leaving more money over for all the nice things that are available to buy. So, there you have lots of reasons for renting a villa in Tuscany. Take a little time to check it out and you could find your ideal home from home.

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