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Renting A Villa In Javea

The province of Alicante is a famous tourist destination and the town of Javea is in the north of the province. It is around an hours drive from the airport. The town is divided into three areas; the old town, the port and the Arenal (beach). All these areas have many attractions for visitors and this is one of the nicest towns in the region. Nearby there is Montgo Natural Park where there have been excavations which found the remains of human settlements going back 30,000 years. The town has a regular car ferry to Ibiza which is just 90 kilometres away across the sea.

The town of Javea gets over 300 hours of sunshine every year and this makes it a popular place for tourists to pay a visit and rent a villa. There are a great number of villas available ranging from smaller two bedroomed properties to larger four bedroomed houses that will accommodate up to twelve people. Many visitors come for a holiday out of the peak season when prices (and temperatures) are lower. One of the simplest ways to look for a rental villa is to make a search on the Internet. You can input your requirements and the search engine will give you a list of suitable properties. Bookings can often be made online or you can contact the owner for more details.

Renting the right villa in Javea will depend upon a lot of criteria. If money is top of your list of important facts then you should take some time to make comparisons between different villas. Equally important is your itinerary as you do not want to be too far from the places you have lined up to visit. Take into account the distance from the airport and how you intend to travel from the airport to the final destination. It may be that the owners of the villa will offer a transfer or you may need to hire a car. You should also make it a priority to ensure that the villa has everything you need to make your holiday a success. Features like air conditioning are essential during the hot summer months so make sure that this is not classed as an extra. Most families want a swimming pool when they rent a villa so look at what is on offer and confirm whether or not a pool is private or shared.

Booking a rental villa in Javea is a good way to get the holiday you deserve. Deposits are usually required when the booking is made and the full amount is due before you arrive. Making the booking on a credit card is always recommended as this form of payment is usually insured against fraudulent activities.

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