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Villa Holidays in Cyprus have been popular for many years. With a very good infrastructure, high standard of living and the familiarity of driving on the left, it's easy to see the appeal of a villa rental in Cyprus for British sun seekers. Cyprus was until 1960 a British colony and the UK heritage is everywhere. They drive on the left and most inhabitants speak both Cypriot and English, all road signs etc. are in both languages. Cyprus has been an EU member since 2004 and have the euro as their currency. The capital Nicosia is divided between north and south. Nowadays you can get past the Green Line, that the border is called, and can also visit the northern part of both Nicosia and the rest of the island. The majority of Cypriots in the south are Christians and belong to the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church. In the north, most Muslims. The crime rate in Cyprus is the lowest in the EU, you are never afraid, not even to walk alone at night, a rare but wonderful feeling. The freedom of a villa rental in Cyprus offers the chance to explore this island in the sun. Cypriots are very friendly and hospitable. There is a wide range of attractions, culture and history. Very beautiful scenery, especially the Troodos Mountains with all the small wine villages is a treat to visit.

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