Essential Items For Your Holiday Home Rental
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Essential Items For Your Holiday Home Rental

Essential Items for a holiday home property

Here’s a list of items that most holiday letting properties should be stocked up with if you are going to have happy renters which of course can only help in terms of those important word of mouth referrals and indeed repeat guests.

Some of the items will depend on how accessible your property is to shops and how far your guests may have travelled to get to your holiday home or apartment. First impressions count for a lot and having the essentials in place or going that little bit extra can make a big difference following a long / tiring journey.

  • Hygiene products – toilet roll and soap are essential, ensure anything like bleach is well out of harms way. A first aid kit may also be a good idea.
  • Things to clean up with – after all it’s your house so you want to give your guests the tools they need to look after it ! Kitchen roll, Washing up liquid, Dish brushes /sponges, bin bags & dishwasher tablets (if applicable) should all be available as should hardware including a dustpan and brush . You might also like to provide laundry powder,
  • Household items and replacements such as spare light bulbs, a torch, spare batteries for the torch, clothes pegs, additional blankets and pillows. If you want to go five star include a “pillow menu” in the pre arrival options and let your guests choose from a range of pillows ?!
  • For meal times, a major part of most holiday home holidays – you need to provide enough plates, bowls and cutlery for at least your maximum number of occupants. Allow for breakages and extra visitors, many properties have a “rule” that if something more significant than a plate is broken the guests should replace as new or leave some cash. Also have you got enough chairs for at least your maximum number of guests ?
  • For a BBQ, imagine how annoying it would be for your customers to find there is no matches or a  lighter – but ensure they are well out of reach from kids.
  • Some extra touches your guests may appreciate – “wet weather items” – board games, books etc, sunny day in the garden items – tennis racquets, bats and balls, a nice welcome pack – perhaps a cake from the local area, milk, tea, coffee will surely be appreciated. Some holiday home owners prefer to have this as an extra service, others include it for free. If charging don’t give your guests cause to think they have been short changed.

I have read countless reviews of holiday accommodation and one thing I have learned is that little details like a welcome pack so guests can make a cup of tea really stick in people’s mind. What do you think of this list of essential items for holiday rental properties? If you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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