How demand shifts to the UK during credit crisis.
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How demand shifts to the UK during credit crisis.

As holidays at home become more popular this year due to the credit crunch, the UK has jumped from 7th to 5th most popular country searched for on, overtaking the Canary Islands and Portugal, with the number of booking enquiries up some 90% year on year.

Based on booking enquiries received via the popular holiday home rental website, London is currently the top destination worldwide, with Cornwall and Devon also among the top 10 and the Lake District at number 20.

In the UK, the top 10 destinations on Holiday-Rentals are: Cornwall, Devon, the Lake District, Edinburgh and Lothians, Dorset, Gloucestershire, East Sussex, the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Somerset and Bath, and Norfolk.

Courtney Wylie, MD for Holiday-Rentals comments,

“Apartments and cottages in Devon, Cornwall and the Lakes have always performed exceptionally well on Holiday-Rentals, but there has definitely been a marked increase in interest in the UK as a whole this year, as people look to cut the costs of their holiday by staying closer to home.”

“In addition, more and more travellers are realising that private holiday rentals provide great value for money when compared to hotels, which is also fantastic news for UK holiday home owners.”

Holiday-Rentals Top Countries Q1 2009

1. Spain

2. France

3. USA

4. Italy

5. UK

6. Portugal

7. Canary Islands

8. Cyprus

9. Greece

10. Croatia

11-20: Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Barbados, Ireland, Malta, UAE (Dubai), Canada, Morocco.

Holiday-Rentals Top Countries Q1 2008

1. Spain

2. France

3. Italy

4. USA

5. Canary Islands

6. Portugal

7. UK

8. Cyprus

9. Greece

10. Germany

11-20: Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Turkey, Ireland, Malta, Barbados, UAE (Dubai), Belgium, Morocco

Holiday-Rentals Top UK Destinations

1. Cornwall

2. Devon

3. Lake District

4. Edinburgh & Lothians

5. Dorset

6. Gloucestershire (Cotswolds)

7. East Sussex

8. Scottish Highlands & Islands

9. Somerset & Bath

10. Norfolk

11-20: Isle of Wight, Derbyshire (Peak District), Kent, Yorkshire & Humberside, West Sussex, Snowdonia, Oxfordshire, Perthshire, Pembrokeshire, Hereford & Worcester.

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