Buckingham Palace holiday letting

Seems as if the credit crunch is hitting the highest in British society !

A new listing on holidaylettings is described as follows :

A gated property with secure parking and armed guards, this is the perfect property to relax in complete luxury. Exquisitely furnished with many priceless antiques, royal collections and rare artefacts. 400 people work at the Palace to cater to your every need, including domestic servants, chefs, footmen, cleaners, plumbers, gardeners, chauffeurs, electricians, and two people who look after the 300 clocks.

The palace consists of 19 state rooms, 600 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. There is an adequate sized banquet hall to entertain your guests in the evening and a throne room which is an unusual but popular additional feature.

The owners do reside in the property but are discreet and are available should you require any assistance. They also own other properties throughout the United Kingdom. Please contact them for further details.”

Looking at the guestbook Cherie and Tony would highly recommend a stay at the palace, and Mr Bush could “sure get used to having his newspaper ironed every morning”.

The listing says they will consider stag and hen parties as well as house swap. I’m sure they will get some enquiries for the latter !

If you would like to join high society and advertise your holiday home for let on holidaylettings, you can now take advantage of their rental enquiry guarantee. If you sign up for the annual option and get less than 20 enquiries in a year you can apply for a full refund.

Photo of “security” courtesy of holidaylettings.

March 26, 2009


5 responses to “Buckingham Palace holiday letting”

  1. DIY holidays says:

    Ha ha, I would do the house swap. . .

  2. Here is another one :


    Is this an April fool joke they accidentally published too soon ?!

  3. April Fool indeed – we thought we’d get in the spirit a little earlier this year!

  4. David Marshman says:

    It’s a good one.
    I love April fools day for stuff like this. Here is some of the stuff airlines came out with last year: http://airline-news.co.uk/april-fools-day-roundup/

  5. Home Base Holidays says:

    I’m sure there would be lots of takers for a home swap with Buck House – but would the Queen and all her entourage be happy with your 3 bed semi??