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Advertise on holidaylettings website

Here’s how to get your property advertised on Holiday Lettings

To get underway (no obligation), visit and sign up as a new advertiser. That’s pretty easy :

a) There is a registration box in the top right. Put in your name, phone number, email address and choose a password.

b) Enter your postal address, this is not used in the advert. Then simply state the country you are resident for tax purposes & then add which methods of payment you are able to accept for your holiday home rental. ( Guide to paypal for holiday rental owners )

c) When they ask how did you hear about us choose “other website”, then “other”, then type or paste in “”.

d) Now we are getting into the bit where you construct your holidaylettings advert – sign up to the free SMS notification service with your mobile number and specify which languages you can handle rental enquiries in.

e) Your account is now ready for you to add your property to holidaylettings and take advantage of their excellent branding and web presence. It’s a step by step process where you add the elements of your advert – location, property, prices, photos etc. There’s some really good advice on how to make a great advert there on site or refer to some of the articles on the holiday home rental site

f) When it comes to payment, you need to pay the annual fee up front to take advantage of the holiday lettings enquiry guarantee. To get a feel for the system, you can register for free – you don’t have to pay anything until you are happy with your advert and want to publish it.

Whenever you’re ready, give a go, no obligation. Or bookmark this page for when you need a boost in ads or your current rental website subscription is coming to an end.

If you have any queries at all or more tips to share feel free to leave a comment on the form below.

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